Nash Mills MOT & Service Center is a leading car MOT, repairs and maintenance service center Hemel Hempstead. Our comprehensive list of services includes MOT test for all makes n models. The MOT test is required since you cannot drive your automobile until it has passed the test. As a result, it certifies a vehicle’s roadworthiness and saves the driver’s and those driving around him.  Our garage is an accredited Mot center, so what are you waiting for? Bring your car in now for an MOT test and servicing.


The MOT test can sometimes be confused with car servicing. Although, after 3 years of buying a new car your car required a regular inspection for the vehicle’s proper functioning and good condition. The maintenance of a car means to ensure its best performance and fitness is known as servicing. On the other hand, MOT is a requirement to keep your car operating. Furthermore, MOT only covers vehicle’s parts that are important to the car’s roadworthiness and safety. We recommend that you do not overlook one of these if you want your car to live a long and healthy lifespan!


Since the MOT examines the performance of the car’s mechanical parts, it does not examine the clutch, gearbox, or engine. The MOT verifies that the seat belts and headlights are operating correctly. Additionally, signaling parts are an important safety feature and must be present for the car to pass the MOT test. We ensure the quality of the ride that can be easily determined by the suspension, braking system, and wheels performance. As a result, any issue with these systems would prevent them from passing the MOT. 


As a DVSA-approved MOT test center, we have highly qualified professionals’ team who will also help you if a repair is required before arrange a MOT. We have the most up-to-date tools for MOT testing for all type of vehicles. We also provide our customers high-quality auto services on a regular basis in Hemel Hempstead. Our technicians are fully certified and prepared to provide MOT and repair services to our customers at a very competitive price.  We also offer all repairs in accordance with the necessary requirements including drains, gears, brakes, and tyres.  

Our customers can access our reliable MOT and car repair services in  Hemel Hampstead – HP1, Waterend – HP1, Apsley – HP3, Kings Langley – WD4, Berkhamsted – HM4, Chesham – HP5, St Albans – AL1.

In addition, with a supportive approach, allow us to develop a large, loyal customer base.  Our clients keep coming back to us for MOT testing when needed. So, visit our website or do not hesitate to contact us, to experience our exclusive car services at required standards.

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