To minimize unnecessary financial outlays, many consumers overlook to verify their vehicle’s maintenance. Therefore, the Ministry of Transport regulates (MOT test) a safety check as an important legal requirement to maintain your vehicles warranty and safety.

MOT is important requirement to drive your car safely on road. It ensures vehicle’s roadworthiness and saves the life of driver.   Nash Mills’s MOT & service center is a well-known garage, provide top quality MOT test for all makes and models. So, if you have a scheduled MOT test, bring your car to us!

Nash Mill’s quality MOT Test with new Standards:

An MOT test is an annual check that ensure your vehicle complies with all applicable road safety requirements. At Nash MIlls MOT & Service center, we ensure that every vehicle maintain a series of regular tests and inspections as the major part of MOT. The important aspects that we examined in MOT test are given below.

Before a MOT, you must always entails several basic pre-check that anybody may overlook.

Nearly half of all MOT problems can be fix and prevent by an easy maintenance, so few minutes before test we inspect equipment like wiper blades, lights, and tyres that save you time and money for a new test.

Although, we also examines the functionality of the car’s mechanical components, but it does not include the clutch, gearbox, or engine check. 

The MOT verifies that the seat belts and headlights are operating correctly. The quality of the ride is also determined by the suspension, braking system, and wheels. As a result, any issue with these systems would prevent them from passing the MOT.

Last but not least, in order to pass the MOT test without difficulty, fuel emissions and an undamaged vehicle’s body structure are also necessarily checked.

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Our MOT Specialists use the most advanced equipment & technologies to conduct MOT inspections for all type of vehicles. We aim to provide our customers the highest quality vehicle services available.

Experience our  extensive MOT &  auto repair services  in Hemel Hampstead – HP1, Waterend – HP1, Apsley – HP3, Kings Langley – WD4, Berkhamsted – HM4, Chesham – HP5, St Albans – AL1. Where we want our customers to have trust in our quality of our work.

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